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In this 90 day, 1-on-1 program, you will make your health a top priority and start moving toward the health you want with amazing support and accountability.  With customized lessons selected for you, it won't be long before you start waking up with more energy, eating better and moving more. 


If you have a chronic condition, like diabetes or prediabetes, you will tweek the foods that you eat to fight back.  It can be hard when you've tried so many things that haven't worked (or haven't worked for long), but this time it will be different!

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This one-month group coaching program, you will be eating nutrient-packed foods that have been scientifically-proven to help you better prevent, manage and potentially reverse type-2 diabetes. 


This program follows the lifestyle approach as outlined in the book "Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes."  Although everyone may not be able to reverse their diabetes, this program aims to get your cells functioning as much as possible to get your blood sugar under control.  This cleanse supports other lifestyle changes around movement, stress reduction and healthy hydration.

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You will learn plant-based recipes while watching engaging cooking demonstrations.  You will get all of the recipes shown plus nutrition information and cooking, shopping and menu planning tips.

You will also learn why plant-based foods can help you prevent, better manage and sometimes reverse chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and diabetes.