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Do any of these sound familiar? 


Growing up you may have had messages about how you eat like "clean your plate."  Or tried different diets that make you count or restrict calories. These experiences have had a huge impact your relationship with food and lead to statements like those above. 


Similarly, your exercise past clouds your ability to exercise consistently as an adult.  And results in feelings like you read above.  


Your relationship with what you eat and how much you move can impact your life in some major ways (like frequent digestive issues, weight gain, overwhelm, exhaustion, and feelings of powerlessness).


But, your life doesn't have to stay this way.

Hi, I'm Granetta.


I want you to know three things about me to start.  First, I'm an active, energetic 54 year old mom, who loves the outdoors (weather that's walking or biking around my hometown of Washington, DC; hiking in the woods; or hula hooping).  Second, fueling myself daily with delicious nutritious meals is part of my baseline.  Third, ten years ago I was 30 pounds overweight and tired all the time.  I finally decided to change my relationship with food and movement.  And, when I did that everything from my weight, my energy and my self-esteem transformed for the better.   


As a certified health coach, it’s my mission to help you do the same with my Vibrant Woman Makeover!!


P.S. - If you want to get some great information straight out of the gate, check out my Blog where I share healthy lifestyle tips and of course recipes!


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Paula, private coaching client


"Working with Granetta was life changing.  Over the course of 12 weeks, Granetta informed me about what good nutrition looks like and that it can be very simple (and even fun!). ...I also lost a whole dress size. This was an investment in myself and I'm sure I'll see the return for years to come.” 

Kathleen, private coaching client


"Granetta not only helped me begin to achieve my weight loss goals, she helped me become a happier, more confident person. Through her guidance, I was able to become healthier, stronger, and 70+ pounds lighter."


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