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 Are you feeling frustrated by weight gain and exhaustion?


Health Coaching with Granetta can get you shedding pounds, waking up with more energy, and enjoying a happier outlook on life.

If you are ready to meal prep, like a boss and feel less stress at dinner time...

Get my free Meal Prep Worksheet and shopping list.  This will help you PREP-SHOP AND COOK for less stress and better health. 

Watch a 10-minute coaching demo on meal prep for more help.

The coaching difference


You've probably never had someone in your corner supporting you as you create and maintain healthy habits week after week.  That's what I do as a coach. 
I stand with you and guide you toward your goals. When I'm your coach, you get amazing support and accountability for amazing RESULTS! 
I've helped many busy women find ways to add healthy, nutritious foods to their lives so they can start feeling better and seeing positive body changes (be that less weight or inches or more energy).  

If you done with frustration and overwhelm and want someone to help you find what works for your body, let's talk.
Free Vibrant Woman Strategy Session

A Vibrant Life 

I'm passionate about helping women over 40 LIVE BETTER by building healthy habits around the CORE 5 (nutrient-packed food, healthy hydration, movement, sleep and stress management). 
Are you are trying to shed pounds or inches (maybe so your clothes aren''t so tight)?  Or do you want to reduce the risk of preventable diseases?  Maybe you want to wake up with more energy and fewer aches and pains.  Adopting healthy habits are key.  Of course getting healthier can have an impact on how you look, but it can also change how you feel and bring you more JOY.
I'd love to work with you to help you create a healthy active lifestyle that leaves you feeling FABULOUS!!
I'm ready to learn more about getting VIBRANT!

Donna, private coaching client


"I look forward to my sessions with Granetta. She has taught me how to pay better attention to what gives me energy and what takes energy away so that I can make better choices about what I eat and drink. After only 3 sessions, I’ve started to lose weight.” 

Kathleen, private coaching client


"Granetta not only helped me begin to achieve my weight loss goals, she helped me become a happier, more confident person. Through her guidance, I was able to become healthier, stronger, and 70+ pounds lighter."

Ready to nourish your body with food and more?

The Vibrant Woman Makeover

wellness coaching experience

This 90-day coaching experience is designed to help you have more energy than ever, start shedding pounds, and have a pleasurable lifestyle that includes delicious food. 
Discover more about the Vibrant Woman Makeover
Ready for a Reset?

cleanse experiences


Join an individual or group cleanse for a nutritional reset so you can restore your body and have a healthier relationship with food.
Learn more about Cleanses
Plant-based Cooking Events

live cooking demos

Learn how to cook more plants for wellness and longevity with live cooking events.
Learn more about an Event

Let's talk about your health goals...


Book a free 45-minute Vibrant Woman Strategy Session. On this call you will:

  • Uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having a healthy lifestyle 

  • Develop a powerful vision for what your vibrant lifestyle looks like

  • Discover which foods and habits are whittling away at your energy and weighing you down...and what to do about it

  • Leave with at least one ACTION step to start moving toward the health you want

Book a free Vibrant Woman Strategy Session

Hoop Jam!!!!

Connect with people on a health journey and learn or revive a childhood favorite activity.










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