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Meet Granetta


Granetta started Rooted Dish to help people love "eating more plants." To her that means making plant-based foods taste good.  That way you can enjoy your meals and and enjoy the benefits plant-based food bring.  These benefits include fiber, antioxidants, and no saturated fat, to name a few.  She shows people how easy it can be to increase the number of whole-food plant based foods in their diet.  She is constantly experimenting with new ingredients and trying to introduce people to fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes that are hidding in plain sight in their local grocery stores or farmer's markets.


Recipes & Tips 


Check out my resources page where you can find recipes, tips and tools for powering up your plate with plant foods.

Custom Cooking Classes
and Grocery Tours 


I offer plant-based cooking classes around DC.  I'm also also available to teach at various locations including corporate settings, group medical visits, and for example private homes.