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Hi, I'm Granetta

Founder of Rooted Dish

"the hooping health coach"


Watch my short video and learn about how I grew up, my health journey from tired, overweight mom to energetic MOM.


Now I’ve turned my transformation into a system (the Vibrant Woman Makeover) that other busy women over 40 can use to unlock their wellbeing and start enjoying life like never before. I know what's it like to struggle with your food choices and want to "get moving" but you're stuck. 


The fastest way to start getting the results you want is for you to start the Vibrant Woman Makeover.  This 90-day program with weekly coaching sessions includes intentional instruction, support, stretch and accountability so you can shift how you relate to food, exercise, your body and your outlook on life.  You know what to do, but without ACCOUNTABILITY you just don't do it.

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How can we explore working together?


I start with a conversation to see if we are a good fit and to see if I can help you reach your goals.  This conversation is free and it's called the Vibrant Woman Strategy session. 

If your needs are aligned with my skills and program, I will invite you to sign up  during this session (if you are ready - no pressure). 


If you decide not to sign up (that's ok!!!), we will decide on an action step and I will offer you a resource to help you go it alone.


If you say yes, we will schedule your coaching sessions and begin your transformation.  You will leave the session with an action step and an accountability partner to help you change your relationship with food and movement so that you can see positive body changes like more energy, shedding pounds, feeling empowered.

Want to see if I can help you? Let's talk.

Go from stuck to action with Granetta

Find the resources that are right for you.

Vibrant Woman Makeover
wellness coaching experience

This 90-day makeover will guide you to a new relationship with with food and movement so you can start shedding pounds or inches and waking up ready to go.


Learn about the Vibrant Woman Makeover
Are you Ready for a Reset?
cleanse programs


Join the May 1st group cleanse for a nutritional and emotional reset so you can restore your body and have a healthier relationship with food.


Learn more about Cleanse
Eat Better + Move More
Plant-based Cooking Classes and Hula Hooping

I love hosting events that are informative and fun.  As a certified plant-based cooking instructor, some events are food related.  As "the hooping health coach," some events get you moving.  Checkout what's coming up.  

Learn more about an Event

Some of my Certifications...


Some Medical Practices I've worked with...

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