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Hi, I'm Granetta

Founder of Rooted Dish


Watch my short video and learn about how I grew up, my health journey from tired, overweight mom to energetic MOM.


Now I’ve turned my transformation into a system (the Vibrant Woman Makeover) that other women over 40 can use to unlock their wellbeing and start enjoying life like never before. I know what's it like to make healthy changes and not see the result you want for sometime.  That's because healthy weight loss is gradual.  I provide education, support and accountability so you can sustain your healthy changes and finally see the results that you want.

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Vibrant Woman Makeover
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This 90-day makeover will guide you from struggling with your weight and energy to shedding pounds or inches and waking up ready to go.

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I love hosting events that are informative and fun.  As a certified plant-based cooking instructor, some events are food related.  As a hula hooper, some events get you moving.  Checkout what's coming up.  

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