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  • fit into your old clothes
  • cook or find healthy meals regardless of how busy you are
  • enjoy your food and take pleasure in healthy, nourishing meals
  • be the healthiest woman you know
  • have more energy than ever
  • have a pleasurable lifestyle that includes delicious food and movement
  • wake up every day feeling in love with your body & your life
  • No more "some day" mentality
  • No more fatigue, guilt, and shame

What my clients have said... 





"Granetta not only helped me begin to achieve my weight loss goals, she helped me become a happier, more confident person. Through her guidance, I was able to become healthier, stronger, and 70+ pounds lighter.




"Working with Granetta was life changing.  Over the course of 12 weeks, Granetta informed me about what good nutrition looks like and that it can be very simple (and even fun!). ...I also lost a whole dress size. This was an investment in myself and I'm sure I'll see the return for years to come.” 




"[Health changes after the program:]

  • weight loss
  • increased energy than at the start of the program
  • better digestion than at the start of the program"
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How the Program Works:


In the Vibrant Woman Makeover FOUNDATIONS program, you will be guided to eat better and move more.  In this 90-day private coaching experience you will have a positive, knowledgable accountability partner, to give you motivation to change and guide you so you're not wasting time and money trying things that don't work.  This program includes two modules, but can be customized to fit your needs. 

Module 1 - Fueling Your Body for Energy & Health

In this module, you will create goals to focus your efforts, set up your environment and schedule for success, learn (1) how to eat for energy, (2) how to eat mindfully (so you eat when your hungry and don't over eat); and (3) a powerful template for what a healthy balanced plate looks like.  During this module you learn these concepts and put them to work right away to start the change process. 

Module 2 - Sustainability & Movement

In this module, you will harness techniques to deal with unexpected events and sabotage.  You will also start moving more in a way that's sustainable for you. 


Elements of this Program:





The core of The Vibrant Woman Makeover is our weekly, private, phone coaching sessions.  Each week I'll guide you through a new aspect of holistic health and wellness.  Coaching is a combination of personalized instruction, support, stretch and accountability.  Accountability is the secret sauce that gets you moving toward your goals like never before.


Curated Materials



You'll also have access to curated information and action guides to help you implement the lifestyle changes we talk about, and guide your transformation.  

Support between Sessions


With exclusive access to the "better" platform you will get support from your coach between sessions via secure messaging.  The "better" portal also allows you to journal your food, mood, sleep, movement and water for more accountability.

Meal Planning



Your program will include a customized 2-week meal plan and a personalized recipe collection so that you can make more meal plans on your own.  Meal planning includes auto-generated grocery lists to save you time and energy.

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Vibrant Woman Makeover (90-day FOUNDATIONS program)

$1280 (paid in full)

payment plans available

  • Twelve 45-minute virtual, private coaching sessions tailored to your unique health goals (once a week);

  •  Curated health and wellness information delivered when you need it to reduce overwhelm;

  •  Exclusive access to the "better" platform so you can track your food, mood, sleep, hydration and more.  I'm able to see your entries for more accountability.

  • On-call coaching support between coaching sessions through the "better" platform; and

  •  Weekly action steps and accountability to keep you moving forward.

Ready to Enroll? Let's talk.



If you're wondering how to start working with me or if you have questions, it's as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1 - schedule a free, 45-minute Vibrant Woman Strategy Session.  During this consultation, we will discuss your needs and goals.  This discussion usually leads to some valuable insights for you. 

Step 2 - if we feel like a good match, I will invite you to enroll in the Vibrant Woman Makeover program. 

Step 3 - If you decide to enroll...

  • I will ask for your investment;
  • schedule your weekly transformational coaching sessions;
  • give you access to the "better" portal (for your curated wellness materials, secure texting, food tracking and more); 
  • we will craft your first action step; and 
  • you will leave the session with fresh energy and a non-judgmental accountability partner you can count on. 
Book a free VIBRANT WOMAN Strategy Session
Book a free VIBRANT WOMAN Strategy Session