Imagine feeling optimistic, lighter, and confident because you take pleasure in nutritious food, crave movement, and make time for your self-care!


The Vibrant Woman Makeover is designed to get results...

  • A proven step-by-step system that will assist you in transforming your habits and aid you in losing weight, increasing your energy, and incorporating self-care into your busy routine.

  • A knowledgeable, dedicated coach who will help you overcome obstacles, motivate you, and HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE so you stay on track towards achieving your goals.

  • Carefully selected health and wellness information that delivers the necessary knowledge without overwhelming you.


Meet Diane

a busy professional, mom and Vibrant Woman!!


Meet Kathleen

a busy small business owner, mom and Vibrant Woman!!


How the Vibrant Woman Makeover Works: 

Transform your lifestyle with the Vibrant Woman Makeover program, designed to enhance your diet and exercise routine, resulting in a healthier and more active life. With a 90-day personal coaching plan from Coach Granetta, you will receive guidance, motivation and accountability to help you reach your desired goals and gain a more positive outlook on life.
This program spans at least three months and comprises two modules that can be customized based on your specific needs. This ensures that you won't spend time or money on ineffective strategies.

Module 1 - Fueling Your Body for Energy & Health

In Module 1, you will set your goals and create an environment and schedule for success. Furthermore, you will learn how to eat mindfully and gain access to a powerful template for creating healthy balanced meals that don't take a lot of time to prepare, even when dining out. This module is designed to help you learn new concepts and immediately apply them kickstarting your journey towards transformation.

Module 2 - Sustainability & Movement

In this module, you'll learn skills to handle unforeseen circumstances and acts of sabotage. Additionally, you'll begin to adopt a sustainable approach to movement.


Elements of this Program:





At the heart of The Vibrant Woman Makeover lies our weekly, personalized phone coaching sessions. Every week, I'll walk you through a different aspect of holistic health and wellness to help you achieve your goals. During these sessions, you can expect a blend of customized guidance, encouragement, motivation, and accountability. With accountability as a key ingredient, you'll be more driven than ever to succeed.

Curated Materials



You will have access to carefully selected information and action guides to assist you in implementing the lifestyle changes we discuss. This will guide your transformation without making you feel overwhelmed.

Support between Sessions



By accessing the "practice better" platform, you can receive support from your coach through secure messaging between sessions. Additionally, the platform enables you to journal your food intake, mood, sleep patterns, physical activity, and water consumption for increased accountability.

Vibrant Woman Makeover (90-day FOUNDATIONS program)

  • You will be provided with twelve 45-minute private coaching sessions that will be customized according to your health goals. These sessions will be conducted virtually and will be held once a week.

  • Access health and wellness information that's been carefully selected and delivered to you when you need it to help reduce feelings of being overwhelmed.

  • Gain exclusive access to our "practice better" platform that allows you to effortlessly track your food, mood, sleep, hydration, and other essential aspects of your health. Rest assured, I will be monitoring your entries to ensure greater accountability.

  • On-call coaching support through the "practice better" platform, which is available between coaching sessions.between coaching sessions.

  • Receive weekly action steps and stay accountable to make progress towards your goals.


Hi, I'm Coach Granetta.

As a Healthy Lifestyle Accountability Coach and a mother, I have a busy schedule.  But, I always prioritize eating nourishing plant-based meals, and staying active through activities like hula hooping, walking, or biking in Washington, DC. My mission is to inspire women to become lighter in body and spirit, nourish themselves more, and gain self-assurance, so they can fully enjoy life.  


Meet Paula

a busy working, mom and Vibrant Woman!!