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Are you ready to stop thinking about getting healthy and do it?

Start eating better


moving more!

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just imagine...

What if you could better manage your stress?


What if you could wake up with more energy?

What if you could learn a way of eating that helps you shed weight?

What if your outlook on the future could be brighter?


Well.. this is your lucky day because... 

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Hi, I'm Granetta

I am obsessed with cookbooks.  I manage this by getting them from the library.  Then, if I really like it I will buy it.  As a result, I'm am always trying new recipes to pass along to my clients.

I started Rooted Dish to help people love "eating more plants."  I got into coaching to expand beyond encouraging you to eat nutritious foods to helping you add in nourishing activities like relaxation techniques, movement and quality sleep. 

What Clients Say

I look forward to my sessions with Granetta. She has taught me how to pay better attention to what gives me energy and what takes energy away so that I can make better choices about what I eat and drink. After only 3 sessions, I’ve started to lose weight.” 

Donna, Healthy Lifestyle Transformation coaching client

Eliminating poor diet, sedentary behavior and smoking can prevent 80% of heart disease and stroke and 80% of type-2 diabetes.

how this program works

In this 90-day program, we will meet weekly over the phone and I will share curated health material designed to give you the right amount of information for change without overwhelming you.  These sessions allow for one of the most important aspects of coaching - accountability.  Accountability allows you will show up for yourself like never before.  ​

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Fueling your body for Energy & Health

In this module, you will create goals to focus your efforts, set up your environment and schedule for success, learn (1) how to eat for energy, (2) the secret for making movement more enjoyable, and (3) how to deal with setbacks.

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Creating an Unstoppable Mindset

In this module, you will harness techniques to tame chronic stress, create reward rituals that don’t sabotage your health goals, and create rituals that improve your sleep so you can rest and recharge.

this program is designed
for people who...

  • have a chronic condition like prediabetes or type-2 diabetes that they want to better control

  • have been thinking about losing weight but want it to be sustainable

  • don't have time to wade through mountains to health information to find a system that works


Finally move toward the health you dream of.

In this Discovery Session you will:

  • Uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having a healthy lifestyle 

  • Develop a powerful vision for what your healthy lifestyle looks like

  • Discover which foods and habits are whittling away at your health...and what to do about it

  • Get crystal clear on how to get on the road to health and stay there in 90 days

Enjoying the Nature

Start eating better


moving more!