Do you want to: 


- start shedding weight;

- have more energy;

- feel lighter and cleaner;

- reduce or eliminate food cravings;

- enjoy deeper sleep and clearer skin;

- improve digestion; or

experience a happier mood?



This 4-week plant-based cleanse starts on May 1, 2021.


This cleanse is based on eliminating foods that are high in saturated fat and that cause inflammation.  Foods that people commonly react to with sensitivities and/or intolerances are also eliminated.


In cleanse week 1, you will prepare by attending a group coaching session, preparing a meal plan and attending a virtual meal prep cook along.


In the remaining 3-weeks, you will be guided in eating a primarily plant-based diet with minimally processed foods to detox your system and start it running on nutrient-dense food.

This gives body including your digestive and immune systems a chance to reset.  


You owe it to yourself to register for The Reset Cleanse today!


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What to Expect:

Group Coaching

You will have amazing support and accountability through five 60-minute, virtual, group coaching sessions.  This will help you prepare and successfully complete the Reset Cleanse.  Including eating plant-based for 3-weeks.

The group coaching session will happen via Zoom.

Reset Cleanse Journal

The Reset Cleanse Journal includes worksheets, checklists, resources, recipes, menu, and shopping lists, which will allow you to clearly understand and prepare for the lifestyle switch.  This journal also helps keep you on track during the 3-weeks of nutritious eating.  This journal will be delivered electronically.

Support between Sessions

You get support from the other participants in the cleanse and from your coach with exclusive access to an online community and messaging.



My Reset Cleanse results:


"better digestion, feeling good mentally and physically and I lost a little weight."



My Reset Cleanse results: 


"increased energy, weight loss, better sleep than usual, better blood glucose control, better skin tone"

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Watch this short video for more information on the Reset Cleanse...

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Coaching Session schedule:


Kickoff group coaching session: Monday, May 1st from 6-7pm EST

BONUS Meal Prep Cook along session: Saturday, May 6th from 2-3:30pm EST

Second group coaching session: Monday, May 8th from 6-7pm EST

Third group coaching session: Monday, May 15th from 6-7pm EST

Fourth group coaching session: Monday, May 22nd from 6-7pm EST

Fifth group coaching session: Tuesday, May 30th from 6-7pm EST


It is recommended that for a successful cleanse you attend the group coaching sessions LIVE.  But, they will be recorded in case you have to miss one.