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Granetta Coleman is a Certified Food For Life Instructor by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.  She brings over ten years of teaching experience to her classes.  In her thirties she attempted a vegetarian diet several times, but didn't know what to eat.  After that she slowly moved away from an unhealthy diet and toward healthy foods, particularly to combat weight gain. In 2011, she again tried a vegetarian diet and progressed to a plant-based diet in 2012.  Thankfully a family member was also "going vegan" at the same time, and supported her changes.  She has happily lost 20 pounds and her cholesterol is at healthy levels. 


Along this journey she has read numerous books on living on plants and prepared hundreds of vegan recipes.    Now, Granetta is driven to help other people make healthy changes! 


Her plant-powered life includes raising her school age daughter and living an active lifestyle including hooping, biking and walking around DC. 

Granetta Coleman

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