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If you're reaching for sugar and snacks and you don't know how to stop, sign up for a free Healthy Lifestyle Makeover Discovery Session.  We will discuss your current healthy habits, blocks to changing those habits and come of with at least one action you can take to move your forward.  Let me help you get unstuck!!

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what you would do and how would you feel if you were as healthy as you want to be.


which foods and habits are making it hard for you to stay on a healthy course...and what to do about it.


making healthy changes as a result of our session.

The attention paid to the way food makes me feel was invaluable. It helps to invest in discovering the "why" we eat what we do instead of just focusing on the food itself. You get to investigate how the food makes the body feel and if that feeling is one that you want to keep or get rid of. It helped me understand my feelings about food and how that was inserting itself into my life in ways positive and negative. Also I learned valuable way to connect to myself when I felt like I was running low on patience and high on anxiety which helped me refocus and feel better in the moments when I needed to do that most.

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Free Discovery Session

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