Custom Classes & Tours

Custom Cooking Classes

This class is great for people who are new to vegan cooking or who want to learn some new recipes or techniques.  Do you want to bring vegan cooking demonstrations to your medical practice?  Do you want to get a group of friends together to learn something new?  Do you want to encourage your family to eat more fruits and vegetables? 

This is the class for you.


In class, I can cover topics such as meal planning, eating to reach a healthy weight, to combat chronic diseases (such as high blood pressure or diabetes), or to protect against cancer.  Classes can follow the scientifically proven Food For Life curriculum or can be customized. 


Granetta will consult with the host to decide on the menu and topics covered, she will bring all the food/supplies.  If there are 1-2 participants, there is an opportunity for hands-on activity, but for more people this will be a demonstration class. (Additional charges apply to classes larger than 10 participants)

90 minute Cooking Class - $200

2 hour Cooking Class - $250

2 hour Cooking Class

Let's meet at a local grocery store!


I can explain how to eat a plant-based diet in the real world.  During the tour, participants practice key food shopping skills, such as buying fruits and vegetables on a budget, comparing unit prices, reading food labels, and identifying whole grain foods.  You will learn the benefits of various fruits, vegetables, grain and beans.  You will learn how to stock your pantry for health.  And were to find specialty items unique to vegan food preparation.  You will leave with recipes, shopping list guides and inspiration.

1 hour tour - $50

Grocery Store Tours