Are you ready to feel empowered?

Try a lifestyle shift for 3-weeks that fights the ROOT CAUSE of prediabetes and type-2 diabetes.

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Learn about the ROOT CAUSE of type-2 diabetes.

A powerful diabetes recovery story.

just imagine...

What if you could manage your diabetes without cutting calories, counting carbs, or limiting portion sizes?


What if your body started having positive changes like shedding weight or having more energy?

What if you could start preparing easy meals that make you feel good?

What if you felt empowered? 

Well... your fortunes have shifted because... 

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Hi, I'm Granetta

I have an active lifestyle where I enjoy hula hooping, walking, biking and other outdoor activities.  I'm also obsessed with cookbooks.  As a result, I'm always sharing fun ways to move and trying new recipes to pass along to my clients. 

I started Rooted Dish to help people love "eating more plants."  I became a certified health coach to offer my clients more support and to assist them beyond healthy eating by adding nourishing activities like relaxation techniques, movement and quality sleep to their lives.


I'm excited to help you upgrade your health using the path of least resistance. 

What Clients Say

"I have type 2 diabetes... I learned so much from [Granetta on the Cleanse]. I am on a journey to a better life - to becoming my best self and being a part of this cleanse played a major role in me being able to do so. I was able to obtain the tools needed to be successful.

Tosha, Diabetes Reset Cleanse client

here's how it works

In this 4-week group program, follows the scientifically proven system for managing diabetes as outlined in the book "Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes."  Although everyone may not be able to reverse their diabetes, this program aims to get your cells functioning as much as possible to decrease insulin resistance.  We will meet weekly over Zoom and I will walk you through this lifestyle change where you will be eating nutrient-rich, plant-based foods and  improving your hydration and stress reduction techniques.

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Prep For Success

This phase. you will be planning so that you have a great cleanse.  That means you will set goals and learn how to meal plan, shop and prepare delicious foods.  You will learn how to identify appropriate foods in restaurants or convenience stores.

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Nourishing Mind & Body

During this phase, you will start eating fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes for nutrient-rich meals.  You will be supported in online group coaching sessions and in a private online group so that you can THRIVE on the cleanse.  In addition, you will level up your healthy hydration.  You will also practice a simple but powerful stress-reduction technique that can bring peace and relaxation into your life.

this program is designed
for you if...

  • you want a proven system for best managing type-2 and pre-diabetes

  • you have prediabetes or type-2 diabetes and you want to better control your blood sugar

  • you are tired of counting (carbs, portions, points)

  • you are worried about someday having to take medications

  • you are concerned about the progression of these conditions

  • you’ve struggled with finding the right foods to eat

Next Cleanse Starts February 28th!

Group coaching sessions:

Monday 2/28 at 7 pm EST

Monday 3/7 at 7 pm EST

Monday 3/14 at 7 pm EST

Monday 3/21 at 7 pm EST

Sunday 3/27 at 7 pm EST

bonus Cook Along Sunday 3/6 at 2 pm EST

Attend a free Diabetes Reset Q & A Webinar:

learn about the root cause of type-2 diabetes and prediabetes

and how a reset can help.

Sunday, January 16th 11 am  or Tuesday, February 15th at 7 pm

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Cleanse Includes:

five 60-minute, virtual, group coaching sessions to help you prepare and successfully complete the Reset Cleanse

Diabetes Reset Cleanse Journal with worksheets, checklists, resources, recipes, menu, and shopping lists, which will allow you to clearly understand and prepare for the lifestyle switch.  This journal also helps keep you on track during the 3-weeks of nutritious eating.

exclusive access to the better app so you can track your food, sleep, movement, and get on-call coaching support between coaching sessions

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($12 value)

Copy of Dr. Neal Barnard's book

Program for Reversing Diabetes - The Scientifically proven system for Reversing Diabetes without Drugs, which has an in-depth explanation of the science behind the cleanse lifestyle as well as information about type-2 diabetes.  This book also has menus and recipes for you to use and enjoy.  

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($25 value)

A cooking-along class where we can prepare some healthy recipes together.  In addition to learning to prepare new foods, you will leave with nutrition information and tips and tricks for preparing easy meals of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.

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Rock Maze

Try a lifestyle shift for 3-weeks that fights the ROOT CAUSE of prediabetes and type-2 diabetes.