The 14-Day Reset Cleanse

A New Approach to Diabetes

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My diabetes focused programs use the power of research and science to help you better prevent or manage your diabetes.  This new research has shifted our understanding of diabetes. Diabetes is not all about the SUGAR you eat.  Let me repeat that, it's not all about the SUGAR you eat.  It's about  the FAT.  Sugar has it's role, but it's not the ROOT CAUSE of diabetes.  High sugar is a symptom.


Watch the short video below where Dr. Barnard of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine breaks down the new findings that teach you the ROOT cause of diabetes - FAT.  

My programs for Diabetes includes - The Diabetes Reset Cleanse and The Diabetes Transformation.   It's best if clients start with the one-month Diabetes Reset Cleanse.  In this cleanse, we take a month to test-drive the optimal diet to fight diabetes, start a movement plan, focus on healthy hydration and stress reduction. 


In the Diabetes Transformation, which is 12-weeks, we build on the success from cleanse and continue the optimal diet and firm up your habits around movement, healthy hydration, and stress reduction.  We also look at how you are sleeping and if you are not getting the ideal 7-9 hours a night we work on increasing your sleep.


Both phases have one of the most important aspects of coaching built in -  accountability.  Accountability allows you to show up for yourself like never before.  

Why wait another day? There's no time like the present to see how healthy you can be!!

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Next Diabetes Reset Cleanse starts 10/25.