In Food for Life Diabetes Initiative classes, you will learn how plant-based diet reduces the risks of diabetes and can greatly benefit those who have been diagnosed with diabetes. 

Each class includes a nutrition lecture and informative cooking demonstrations to help participants adopt the suggested changes. 

In addition, participants get to taste delicious, affordable dishes in a supportive group setting.


Diabetes Prevention & Treatment - How Foods Fight Diabetes

Sunday 11/17 from 12pm-2pm at YMCA Anthony Bowen DC

$40/person for YMCA members

$50/person for non-members

In this class, you will learn the latest science related to how diabetes develops.  Fat not sugar plays a prime roll.  In addition, you will learn how to incorporate plant-based foods in your meals to help prevent or manage pre-diabetes or diabetes.  This class is also great for those caring for others with diabetes.  Recipes include:  good-enough-for-guests green salad, yes-you-can black bean chili, brown rice and chocolate cherry nirvana smoothie.

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