Kickstart Your Health Class/Series is about embracing an overall healthful diet.  In addition, you will likely lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.  The guiding principle for Kickstart is choosing the right plant-based foods rather than restricting the amount of foods. If you want to lower your cholesterol, have better diabetes control, lower your blood pressure, as well as improve your energy and mood then a plant-based diet may help.

Each class includes a nutrition lecture and informative cooking demonstrations to help participants adopt the suggested changes. 

In addition, participants get to taste delicious, healthful dishes in a supportive group setting.


KickStart Your Health Class - Breaking the Food Seduction

Sunday 10/27 from 12pm-2pm at TastemakersDC


In this class, you will learn which foods are naturally addictive (like cheese) and why.  You will also learn the importance of fiber in your diet.  We will benchmark how much fiber you are getting and how to increase it.  Recipes include:  fruited breakfast quinoa, ginger noodles, and red curry chickpea and sweet potato soup.

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