If you want more energy or to lose weight/inches,

your cravings may be standing in the way...

What if you had less cravings? 

It would be easier to reach your health goals and enjoy life more


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It's hard to resist cravings, especially when you're stressed out. 


You're not alone. Cravings are one of the biggest challenges people face when trying to eat better. But what if there was a way to calm those cravings and finally feel in control?


The 5-Day Calm Your Cravings Series is designed to help you understand your cravings and learn methods to calm them. And I'll go ahead and tell you -- that doesn't always mean saying no to your craving! 


It's just so powerful once you understand what's happening behind the scenes, making it so much easier to address the cravings when they come.


During our 5-day Calm Your Cravings Series, we'll go over topics like identifying your cravings, learning fun substitutes to enjoy, ways you can manage your habits daily to cut down on cravings naturally, and more.


I am so ready for this, and I hope you are, too!


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I can't wait to guide you through the process.


This series will include:

  • lessons how to identify and deal with cravings, mindset and more; 

  • exercises to put what you learn into practice;

  • private group support on the "better" platform; and

  • LIVE daily Q & A sessions with a certified health coach (ME) at 6pm EST on 12/12-12/16.


This series will take place on the "better" platform.  Once you register you will receive an email to finalize your registration on the "better" platform.


Take charge of your cravings and your life...

Calm Your Cravings Series

In this 5-day series, you will learn all about the foods that call your name and how to reduce this goal buster.









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About Your Presenter

Granetta Coleman

Granetta is a certified Health Coach, certified Food for Life cooking instructor, and a hula hooper.  She turned to plant-based foods to help her lose over 30 pounds and keep it off.  She's also found that eating this way has helped with her blood pressure and allowed her to be an energetic mom who enjoys an active lifestyle (think hula hooping, hiking and biking).  She loves using her knowledge and passion to help people (especially busy women) create a healthy lifestyle so that they can live happier, more fulfilling lives.