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Keep Moving Throughout the Holidays

healthy living Dec 08, 2022

Whether you're dealing with a hectic holiday travel schedule or don't want your social life to suffer during the festive season, finding the time and motivation to work out can sometimes be challenging. 


For one thing, try incorporating movement into your everyday activities. Instead of taking public transport or driving to all of your holiday events, opt for walking or cycling instead. Or if you're already on your feet at work or supervising kids around the house, take advantage of those opportunities by doing simple exercises like wall push ups, planks and/or squats right where you are. 


Another effective strategy is to set realistic goals that accommodate your busy schedule and make exercise more convenient. For example, rather than trying to work out five days per week during an intense travel week, think about making smaller commitments such as exercising every other day instead. 


Stock up on nourishing foods like fruits and veggies so that you have easily accessible snacks on hand when hunger strikes, and plan workouts at times that will not interfere with any important events in your schedule. With these tips in mind, feeling great during the holidays will be a breeze.


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