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Is Coconut Oil good for you?

healthy living Feb 18, 2020

The short answer is NO. And there is a new analysis of the risks of eating coconut oil. The review found that, in fact, coconut oil raises cholesterol levels, when compared to consumption of nontropical vegetable oils (like olive oil). Results also showed no benefit of coconut oil consumption on inflammation, blood sugar control, or weight. Coconut oil is high in saturated fat that health conscious people should try to avoid.


The recommendation is to limit eating coconut oil. A commentary published in the same journal said coconut oil could possibly increase the risk for heart disease.


Palm oil is also high in saturated fat. Although palm oil not in this study, it should also be avoided or limited. Although you may not cook with these coconut or palm oils, they are added to a lot of vegan "butter", vegan baked goods, vegan cheeses and vegan burgers - so be AWARE.



Neelakantan N, Seah JYH, van Dam RM. The Effect of Coconut Oil Consumption on Cardiovascular Risk Factors: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Clinical Trials. Circulation. Published online January 13, 2020.



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