Diet versus Lifestyle

Jun 02, 2021

Many people find themselves needing to change something about their health. Whether they feel tired all the time; need to lose weight; have been told by their doctor that they need medications or they feel like - if things keep going like they are, they won't enjoy a healthy active life or retirement. So, what's next?


Some people think about going on a diet to deal with their health issues. A diet usually involves some sort of restrictive plan. It may be focused on reducing calories. And most diets have one thing in common - they make you feel deprived. As a result, most diets don't last. You may be able to stick with it for a little while but eventually, you fall off. And that's the nature of diets. They are temporary fixes. Added to that, most people gain back their lost weight and add a little more. This can be very discouraging and frustrating. And often it leaves people at a dead end. Stuck.


A lifestyle change on the other hand changes more than what you eat. It also changes how you live. Lifestyle change focuses on many aspects of health including food, movement, sleep, and stress. Even joy. So, a lifestyle change is more holistic. And as a result, when people make a lifestyle change, they can make changes that last. I invite you to consider whether your goals are better suited to trying a new diet or changing your lifestyle.


And if's it a lifestyle change that you are after, consider changing your habits one at a time so that eventually you have transformed your behavior in a way that is sustainable!



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