6 things that I do to #eatmoreplants

healthy living Apr 01, 2020

Whether you want to live a 100% plant-based lifestyle or get healthier by eating more plants, here are 6 things that I do to #eatmoreplants. Eating more plants will help you give your body the nutrients that it needs to function well.

1. Start my day with fruit - My breakfast aways includes fruit (antioxidants, fiber, vitamins). Either a large fruit and vegetable smoothie (with flax or chia seeds for omega fatty acids) or a jar of chopped fruit like melon or apples and a banana.


2. Brown Rice is a staple in my diet. I eat brown rice (magnesium, fiber, protein) usually as part of my lunch or dinner. I make a large pot of brown rice once a week and use it daily. At least 2 cups of dry rice, which cooks up into 4 cups of rice. Here's a brown rice recipe. I can heat up this pre-prepared rice and sprinkle on a little soy sauce and sesame seeds. Or I can make fried rice with frozen vegetables and soy sauce and red pepper flakes. Or make a rice bowl pairing rice with beans and a sauce, such as sauteed white beans and a tahini dressing.


3. Snack on fruit and a little nuts or seeds every day. A small jar of apricots (Antioxidants, fiber, vitamin A) and a handful of pumpkin seeds or almonds (about 1/4 cup) for good fat, protein, omega fatty acids).


4. Daily Greens - Big Salad or Sauteed greens. This one I'm more hit and miss with but I'm trying. Greens are nutritious (fiber, cancer protection, calcium, antioxidants) and filling with low calories so they are a weight maintenace/loss hero. My favorite salad is a simple kale salad with a lemon/ginger dressing. But other greens go great with dressings particularly homemade dressings.


5. Legumes (protein, fiber, calcium). I would say I eat black beans the most, then lentils and tofu.


6. Soup (nutrition depends on ingredients but definitely fiber). I make a big pot of soup every week so that no matter what meal, I have something good to eat in the fridge.


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