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Many women think they're too busy to be healthy.


But, that’s usually because they may be trying too HARD

Sustainable lifestyle change requires figuring out what actually works for YOUR LIFE!!


This happens to too many women...


-You have a closet full of clothes that don't fit and you REFUSE to buy more in a larger size.

-You never have time for breakfast (and sometimes lunch).

-You’re eating too much restaurant food, takeout or processed food.

-You have so many responsibilities you can’t see how you can fit in healthy lifestyle changes.

-You drop down on the couch after work and can’t get motivated to workout.

-You feel anxious about your weight creeping up and chronic diseases you might get.

-You’re living with a mean girl in your head that's constantly criticizing how you look and what you’re doing or not doing for your health.

-You don’t have any positive support for making healthy changes.


In my program The Vibrant Woman Makeover,  you’ll learn the most effective way to fit

healthy eating and movement into your busy schedule.


Instead of feeling like you’re battling healthy behavior, you’ll create a mindset, routines and an environment where the healthy choice is the easy choice. 


Plus, you’ll kick the mean girl out of your head so you smile when you look in the mirror. 

Hi, I'm Granetta.


I'm a business owner and a mom.  So, my schedule is always full.  To spite having a lot to do everyday, I fuel myself with delicious, nutritious, plant-based meals and have an active lifestyle (that includes hula hooping, walking or biking Washington, DC.). I'm also known as "the hooping health coach."


Learn more about me and my services...


As a certified Healthy Lifestyle Accountability coach, I created the 

Vibrant Woman Makeover to help you put systems in place to make being healthy easier.


Are you ready to gain the skills, knowledge, and mindset you need to elevate

how you care for your body? 

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Paula, private coaching client


"Working with Granetta was life changing.  Over the course of 12 weeks, Granetta informed me about what good nutrition looks like and that it can be very simple (and even fun!). ...I also lost a whole dress size. This was an investment in myself and I'm sure I'll see the return for years to come.” 

Kathleen, private coaching client


"Granetta not only helped me begin to achieve my weight loss goals, she helped me become a happier, more confident person. Through her guidance, I was able to become healthier, stronger, and 70+ pounds lighter."


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How to be Vibrant over 40 and Enjoy LIfe!

Learn the 5 culprits that are draining your energy& solutions.










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